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Giving Tuesday is More Important Than Ever

Children First Foundation

What can we do to prevent Arizona children from committing suicide?

43 children is 43 too many.

Children First Foundation

Young lives are on the line.  No doubt COVID has negatively impacted our children, but for at risk children, COVID has had a disastrous impact.  Social distancing, including school shutdowns cut children off from vital necessities, including access to supportive and caring adults that help ensure their well being.  For children  whose families already struggle with food, clothing and shelter challenges, the isolation and the challenges are magnified.

Children First FoundationSuicide attempts are on the rise. Children struggle with depression, loneliness, and suicidal thoughts.  According to the CDC, children as young as 9 report thinking of killing themselves. One in ten children said they purposely…

  • cut                                              
  • pinched
  • burned
  • generally hurt

…themselves.   This is not even the data for at risk children who live below the poverty line –  which we can only assume is worse where food, clothing, shelter, and family instability risks are involved.

Children First Foundation

Arizona Has Only 1 Counselor for Every 905 Students! We Need to Hire More Counselors Right now!

Children First FoundationThis is among the worst in the nation, and completely ineffective in meeting the rising mental health needs of Arizona’s at risk students.  At the Children First Foundation, an IRS registered 501(c)(3) charity, we focus on the neediest children in our state – those whose families are homeless or housing insecure, and living below the poverty line.  The Children First Leadership Academy (formerly the Thomas J. Pappas School for Homeless Children) is the primary beneficiary of the Children First Foundation.

Mental health related emergency room visits for children are dramatically rising. So far in 2020, the CDC reports a 24% rise in children ages 5-11, and a 31% rise in children ages 12-17 needing emergency room treatment.

Children First FoundationWe can’t stand by and allow these precious children to become statistics.  We need to raise $200,000 to serve hundreds of at risk students attending the Children First Leadership Academy (formerly Thomas J. Pappas School for Homeless Children) and other needy children at our other charter schools who urgently need mental health counselors.  Each child is precious, and needs our support to help them navigate through an especially difficult season in their young lives.

Please Visit us HERE to Donate this Giving Tuesday to Save a Child’s Life!

The Children First Foundation‘s primary focus is bridging the gap in funding for the Children First Leadership Academy (CFLA), a free public charter school that fosters success for students by eliminating learning obstacles caused by poverty and homelessness.  All CFLA students live at or below the poverty line.


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